10 Yoga Tips and Tricks for Beginners

10 Yoga Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1. A beginner yoga class does not always mean that it is an easy class

Depending on your teacher, and the style of yoga you practice, a yoga class for beginners can be difficult.

Sometimes I go to the beginner yoga classes given by my teacher, and I realize that she places a lot of emphasis on breathing, teaching us at a simpler level and how to breathe in each moment. He also takes his time in each yoga position, explaining how the bases of it should be, the alignment and every detail that can be useful for good practice.
If the class seems too strong, you may have to try another yoga style. If you don’t feel comfortable With your teacher if you do not transmit what you want to receive in your practice through it, you can find another person to guide you.

2. It is not necessary to buy special yoga clothes

Yes, you should feel good as a mod in practice. Baggy clothes, and that allows you to make the movements smoothly is the best.

Keep in mind that you need mobility throughout your body, in all your joints. Also think that you will do yoga positions in which you will be with your head under, like the dog upside down and if you wear something too wide, the shirt may come down to your head, so it may be useful to wear a sports bra underneath, or perhaps a shirt that is not so wide.

This shirt that I wear is very comfortable, anyway, there are occasions that what I can tell you can happen, as you see in the image on the right. But in this case, it does not make me feel uncomfortable, as if it were with a wider shirt that ends up reaching my face.

3. The best position is ahead!

Maybe I can give you a little fear at first, or shame. But I encourage you to try it one day and get ahead. You will see the beautiful view you have of your teacher. You will see much more closely how each posture does and you will hear better every word it says. Do not worry about the students behind you. In yoga we always try to be very focused on personal practice, being aware of ourselves.

Do the same, well attached to your teacher, so that you feel more his energy and better understand what he transmits to you.

In my class, the teacher is not always ahead. Walk among us and make positions in the center, behind. But it always comes back ahead, and that’s where I always am:)

But of course, that’s why you have to arrive early!

4. Have the necessary accessories on hand before starting class

It is good that you have a block, a rope and even a blanket on hand. There are positions where you will need to help with these accessories. For example, for the triangle posture, you might need a block to rest your hand on it. Or for positions where you need to support your head, or your knees on the floor under pressure, a blanket underneath suits you very well.

5. Do your practice without shoes

This is mainly for your safety. Otherwise, you can slide on the yoga mat. In addition, it helps you have better support to hold your body in one position. You improve your balance. It allows you to separate each toe as far as you can.

And for me the most important thing, I feel a greater connection in practice. My bare feet on the mat is something I enjoy very much. It’s like feeling the earth under my feet. How to return to the origins through practice.

Don’t worry because other people look at your feet. Once again, I tell you that everyone will be focused on their practice, as you will be on yours.

6. Don’t demand too much

If you have previous injuries or surgeries, it is best to tell your teacher when you arrive to class.
With the practice of yoga, you will discover muscles that you did not know existed and that you have never exercised. Therefore let your body adapt to new exercises, to new movements, without forcing. Listen to your body Don’t fight him, don’t stress him.

With practice, you will gradually do more and more.

7. Ask your teacher all the questions

Teachers love the questions! If you don’t have anything clear, feel free to ask and tell him what you want. It is better to understand something well before doing so than to enter the position with uncertainty. If you do not feel có mod @ to ask during class, do it when it’s over, but never run with doubts.

8. When making a posture that you had not done before, observe first

When you do a posture for the first time, it is best to first look at how your teacher does it and listen to the instructions while doing it. If you try to do it at the same time, it may be more difficult. So the first time, be sure to watch and listen well how your teacher does it before you do it.

9. Do not leave before trying other yoga styles and other teachers

Did you go to one or two yoga classes, and are you not sure about the following? Do not leave. Each teacher has a presence and transmits different energy. That’s why sometimes it takes a couple of classes to connect and discover the right teacher for you.

10. Always have your mind and heart open

And most important of all, don’t forget to breathe, smile, and enjoy your practice!



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