12 Habits that successful people have

12 Habits that successful people have

If you are in a moment of personal change, reflection or simply want to fulfill the purposes set at each beginning of the new year, this post can help you.

Based on several books, magazines, podcasts or videos these are the 12 habits that people successfully perform regularly. Perhaps, some of these habits already apply frequently but if there are not many, please do not get overwhelmed. Nobody is perfect! So I propose the following exercise: choose the ones that best suit your personality and circumstances.

1. Set priorities

Successful people are clear about their priorities and do what is most important first. These people know that what they do has consequences. It is better to be effective in the right tasks than efficient with small tasks not so critical.

2. Take responsibility for your life

They never complain or blame others for their problems or their failures. They own everything that happens to them, which allows them to take action accordingly. They know that although they cannot always control everything that happens to them, they can control how to react to these unexpected events.

An example of this habit is the case, which I confess that I like very much, of Rosario Marín, the first Hispanic woman Treasurer in the White House. I share here the video of your conference at a Forbes event, in case you feel like listening to it.

3. Create your own morning routine

The key to starting a productive day is to start it on the right foot. Choose tasks that motivate and inspire you. Look at the list of tasks for the day and start your activity with the ones you like best. There are people who, for example, are active in sports early in the morning, have breakfast reading … Choose the ones that best fit you and start the motivated day.

4. Practice meditation or mindfulness

Almost 80% of the successful people analyzed to confirm that they practice some type of meditation exercise daily, be it yoga or mindfulness at some time during the day. This exercise in many cases does not usually last more than 15 minutes.

5. Exercise and eat healthy

It has been shown that healthy habits in a diet and sports generate motivation, satisfaction, and happiness in people.

6. Know yourself

People who stand out in life know their strengths and weaknesses well and put them into practice to improve them and develop them as well as possible. They have self-confidence but at the same time, they are humble. At the end of the day, if you do not know how you are, your strengths and not so strong, it will be difficult to improve. Therefore I recommend that you do your own personal exercise of “self-knowledge.” Take paper and pen and start describing yourself first and depending on where you want to reach, establish your lines of work.

7. Read and learn constantly

Bill Gates reads an average of 50 books a year. But, beware! With this, I do not mean that reading by reading is good since it is essential to select which books will generate in you a greater impact, motivation or enjoyment. It is important to do a search of those that are really worth reading in your particular case.

As for training, as we have repeated more than once in this blog, it is one of the most important bases in professional development.

8. Consistency and do what you say

Successful people are consistent and do not give up easily.

Take yourself seriously. If you have proposed something, pursue it. Do not make excuses, pursue the result.

9. Have discipline and self-control

Keep the focus and avoid deviating from the objectives and priorities set, although with the “superconnected” life we ​​lead is not easy.

10. Seek support and support

Successful people have the support of other people, whether the couple, a friend, a family member, coach or mentor, do not have to be many. In addition, it is essential to surround yourself with people with a fighting mind. The Spanish proverb already says: “Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are”, that is, if you surround yourself with successful people, you will be successful too.

11. Execute actions rather than have ideas

These types of people not only mark their goals but make a detailed plan of actions to achieve them. They are quite executing profiles, make decisions with ease and have large doses of the initiative. If you want something, do not stand still waiting for it to be offered, but go out and go for it.

12. Rate your time

Successful people take great care of their time. They are aware that it is a limited resource and that, therefore, it has a price every second they occupy in performing a task. Hence also the importance of delegating certain activities that may not be where you offer the most value and avoid the thieves of time that will kill your productivity.



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