How to get traffic through Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network in which thousands of users share images, photographs, articles or infographics every day among other content, which you can save and organize by boards through its famous Pint it! In this way, you can group a selection of images by a specific theme or interest.

If you are up to date in today’s digital world, you will know how Pinterest works and how useful it is to be inspired by new personal and professional projects.

So today we will not talk about how to use this social network, but how to get more out of it and get direct traffic to our website or our personal profile (Instagram, Facebook..etc).

Why can I gain traffic through Pinterest?

Pinterest works as a search engine using its own algorithm, it is based on keywords or keywords to show specific content to the user, and thus, satisfy your search to the fullest.

So that you understand it better, if I enter the word “children’s illustration” in the Pinterest search engine, I hope that content related to this word appears to me, and not that for example, pictures of kittens or decoration for the room appear to me.

Therefore, we will focus a lot on the keywords that we enter in our pins are as faithful as possible to the content we are going to upload, this way, Pinterest will reward us by showing it to users.

How can I get traffic through Pinterest?

Whether to get more visits to your website, sell more in your online store or get to know yourself in other social networks, you must follow the steps that I show you below.

Create your profile on Pinterest

To register for this social network for free you will have to enter , and fill in your data, trying to enter words directly related to your activity in your description.

Do not forget to add the URL of your website or social network and your logo or personal photo.

How to upload images to Pinterest and optimize them with SEO

Some of the guidelines that we must take into account when uploading images are the following:

  • The images must be original. Pinterest recognizes if an image has a similarity to another that has already been uploaded, therefore, it will reward that your images are their own.
  • It also values the size and resolution of the images, within the limits, the bigger and better your pins are, the better.

To optimize the images of our Pinterest we must add a brief description within the context and add relevant keywords that define it. And very important, do not forget to add the URL of your website, blog or social network in the “Website” field.

If, for example, you would like to link to a GI account, simply enter the web  username and add it to this field.

Create dashboards with keywords

Another factor that influences the visibility of our images is the name we give to the boards. By this I mean those boards that you have ever created and are called “Inspiration”, “Things I like”, etc … error!

The boards must have a keyword that matches the selection of images, if we are creating a board with interior design images, the board could be called “interior design” or “interior design images” or “design photographs of interiors ”.

As you can see, they are small factors that have a lot of logic, since, in the end, it is about making a good description and good organization of our content on the platform. I hope this post has helped you to know how to get traffic through Pinterest, if you put it into practice, tell me if it worked for you!

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