What social networks should your brand be present in?

What social networks should your brand be present in?

Surely, the fact that for a company it is important, almost fundamental, I would say, is its presence in social networks. Despite all the studies carried out, and the information that we can find on the Internet about social media strategies, there is the problem that brands do not always know all the best social networks in which they should have a presence, they do not know where their target audience (your target), or what are the factors that determine the right choice.

Therefore, today we will give a guide to raise awareness and, depending on the type of content you want to publish, select the most appropriate social networks for a company or business. As a selection criterion, we could name those that bring together a wider audience, within which we will surely find that target audience interested in our business model.

The best Social Networks for business

According to the criteria we have chosen to select the most appropriate social networks, and since we would be talking about covering a very wide audience for companies of all types of sectors, the most sensible thing is to go for those that are generalist or popular internationally (despite if there are many others highly recommended for specific sectors).


Well-known, Facebook is the most widely used social network worldwide, and therefore the one that can be considered the first general network to consider in the business world, since it covers a wide range of audiences in terms of ages, professions , cultures, etc.

To affirm that it is the most suitable among the best existing social networks to loyalty and interact with them can be a bit radical, but it is true that it is a good option to segment the audience by groups, and update news of a company thanks to all your free tools for businesses.

Regarding the idea of ​​using this network as a means of transmitting information on the contents of a blog, it must be said that Facebook is more for “relating”, and perhaps not so much for accurately reporting.


Despite the limitations in terms of number of characters per publication (140), it is one of the most promotional potential due to the frenetic pace of activity that can be found on the users’ home pages (or “time line” ).

Its ease of use and speed of response allows us to use it while doing other tasks, allows brands to generate closer relationships with users (what is known as engagement) and, thus, build a solid online reputation.


The most recommended of this social network are the interest groups, with which a company can act by offering its services and promotions directly with potential clients, who very possibly end up being real clients (or at least followers).


This network may not be a favorite by companies, but nevertheless gaining a brand presence on Google+ offers us great advantages for SEO, as well as content dynamism, since publishing content on this social network allows them to be indexed on Google.


It is a very visual network, full of graphic content (especially infographics), so if a company has products or services that use the image (such as a graphic design agency or a fashion firm) , this network is ideal to be displayed. In this network everything looks “beautiful.”


Like the previous social network, Instagram is a purely photographic and visual platform, with the addition that here, in addition, there may be an exchange of messages with users. These types of platforms are very good for companies that sell physical products, and they need to sell their catalogs in a more colorful way.


Keep in mind that video is the content format with the most ability to be viralized on the Internet, so using social networks like YouTube, or other great allies, can become an excellent promotion channel.



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