Why you can lose weight with yoga

Why you can lose weight with yoga

Before we start telling you how to lose weight fast with yoga, let’s stop for a moment to understand why this practice can be beneficial for weight loss. The first thing we have to know is that yoga is based on a bodily practice in which it is intended to promote mental concentration through different postures.

With each “asana” (the name by which yoga postures are known), physical stability is improved, but also mentally, by focusing all our attention on the sensations achieved with these movements. Therefore, yoga can be considered a practice of moving meditation that, unlike this, makes you fully aware of your material part.

But why does yoga help you lose weight? Basically, because you get these benefits:

Tone muscles

The asanas that are performed during a yoga session manage to strengthen the muscles of the body, thus working certain parts of your body where fat can abound. Like weights or toning exercises, with yoga, you can focus your work on a specific part of the body so that the fat that accumulates there can be converted into energy.

Reduce anxiety

Another reason why you can lose weight with yoga is that it is a perfect practice to reduce anxiety. By performing a type of meditative exercise, we manage to release stress, regulate our nervous system and reduce anxiety, something that will help us eliminate the desire to “binge” food or opt for fatty or sweet foods.

Improve digestion

Some yoga postures are ideal for improving digestive processes, something that will help us make the most of nutrients from food, prevent their accumulation as saturated fat and, therefore, also improve the functioning of our metabolism.



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